Bangshi Industry(abbreviated as BS) was estabilshed in Guangzhou since 1998. We own two factories in Guangzhou and Yingde respectively. The heaquarters and marketing center in Guangzhou,Yingde branch is the R&D and production base of automotive refinish paint. BS is committed to the development, production and sales of automotive paint, advertising logo paint, water-based industrial environmental protection paint and other branded products.

1998 Year




22 Years




Automotive Refinish Paint is divided into primer, middle paint, base paint and clear coat according to the order of spraying. In addition, it also includes auxiliary material for use. Automotive Refinish Paint is divided into two-component and one-component polyurethane acrylic paint.


The difference between automotive refinish paint and original paint is that the original paint is the uniform paint applied before the factory leaves. The original paint is a high-temperature baking paint, which is generally resistant to high temperature baking of 200 ℃. The automotive refinish paint is mainly used for refinish damaged parts of automotive paint,however the automotive substrate contains plastic parts, the baking temperature is about 80  ℃. Automotive refinish paint can be partially refinished or refinished by the whole vehicle. The refinish process of the automotive refinish paint and the original paint is different. It requires the staff to have higher painting work skills and needs rich practical work experience and high technology.


Bangshi Industry has a full set of mixing color system to meet the market demand to the greatest extent. At the same time, it has a complete and accurate color formula.Through the after-sales service team's patient and meticulous service to provide better protection for the market.


How can ability prove a product is good or bad?Certificate! Our company is committed to production high-quality products, because only good products can bring good reputation to the company, efficient team, high-quality products and enthusiastic service are the cornerstone of our Bangshi Industry standing in the market. We look forward to cooperating with you,Thank you.

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